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What Energy Healing Can Do For You

From broken heart to broken bones, energy healing allows you to recover gently and more swiftly from emotional distress, illness or injury.

It is a confidential, intuitive stand-alone therapy or companion to other healing methods and medications, enhancing their effectiveness.

Energy healing celebrates the richness of your life and supports you through personal growth and life transitions.

It helps you accept your personal power to calm stress, fear and pain, and move forward into your life from a place of peace and strength.

Use energy healing for paced, consistent work during a life-changing transition; uncovering inner wisdom; long-term illness; acute illness, injury or emotional trauma; before/after medical procedures; when other methods are ineffective.

Energy healing should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

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Certified Practitioner

Julie Bales
Energy Healer

I am a graduate of the four-year program at The McKay Method School of Energy Healing. The McKay Method is a unique and special brand of healing that allows me to gently address all aspects of your being from your perfect soul to the remarkable body where it lives and the beautiful dance between the two.

What You Can Expect in a Session

We’ll work together over the phone. Please take this time to sit comfortably and relax. I’ll ask a few general questions to get to know you better. I’ll listen to what’s on your mind, and what’s going on in your life. While you and I are talking, I’ll also be in intuitive dialog with your physical body and its energy fields. At times, I’ll be quiet so I can hear your body more clearly and respond to it appropriately. Often, your body will bring up its own topics for discussion. Throughout our session, I’ll suggest methods you can use afterwards to help yourself. I’ll wrap up our session with a few silent grounding techniques. Afterwards, most clients feel relaxed, energized and ready to embrace what lies ahead.